_thats_x_hott_ (_thats_x_hott_) wrote in popxthatxcollar,

name: Kellie

age: 16

location: california

relationship status:taken

top 5 bands:

1. 50 cent

2. Lloyd banks

3. taking back sunday

4. green day

5. the used

top 5 movies:

1. mean girls

2. the note book

3. the ring SCARY :0

4. scary movie 1,2,and 3

5. finding neverland

top 5 tv shows:

1. gilmore girls

2. the oc

3. one tree hill

4. that 70 show

5. wild boys

5 things you like:

1. hot guys

2. my cell phone

3. pictures

4. aim

5. livejournal

5 things you hate:

1. posers

2. goth ppl

3. haters

4. feet

5. fat ppl that wear hoochie clothes

3 things you can't live without:

1. my cell

2. my laptop

3. my bf

your fear[s]: being alone..

most embarrassing moment[s]: ahh..to many!!!!

*your opinion on:

smoking: cancer stick

alcohol: the life of any party live it up*

your school: fun as hell

your friends: my sisters

your parents: theyre ight not my fav ppl in thw world.

music: u know cant live without it!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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